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Signs You Need Help from a Water Damage Restoration Company

7/10/2023 (Permalink)

Water damage can be invisible until the degradation of your property from long-term exposure to many external and internal sources becomes severe. This normally happens when moisture seeps into the structure and ruins parts of your building. For example, a leaky roof or burst pipe may introduce an accumulation of moisture, which results in a variety of damages. It's crucial to address the issue as quickly as possible when you see signs of water damage.

However, most instances are either too big or too complicated for a homeowner to try to restore on their own - so, you may need help from a water damage restoration company to restore your property.

Water Damage + Drywall

Gypsum drywall is a porous material that absorbs moisture. When drywall gets wet, it becomes soft and soggy, which poses issues regarding the integrity of the building's structure. If your wall starts to feel mushy to the touch, it's a red flag that your walls have suffered water damage.

When water pools behind the paint, it stretches, causing a bubble on the wall. You'll likely need a professional to take a look to determine the extent of the water damage.

Water Damage + Wood Flooring

Excessive moisture on hardwood flooring is the main cause of buckled floorboards. You can spot this by noticing cracks in between boards, swelled edges, crowing, and the lifting of boards. When water is allowed to persist on your hardwood floors, such as from a spill or a rise in indoor humidity, it leads to a buildup of moisture that makes floorboards expand, contract, or pop up.

Water Stains

If you notice discoloration on your ceiling, usually a light or dark brown color, you're most likely looking at water damage. This could be due to a leaky appliance on the floor above or rainwater finding its way through your roof. If you have poor plumbing upstairs, this can cause water damage, creating these stains. In this case, you should have someone experienced in water damage restoration services to come take a look.

Mold Infestations

Mold thrives in damp or wet areas - especially in areas where moisture travels through the air, like in bathrooms or basements. If you start to notice mold growing, this could be a result of water damage. In this case, it would be smart to hire a professional mold remediation team to help remove the baseboards and determine the cause and extend of the water damage.

You can also detect mold by its odor, which could indicate where the water damage is coming from.

Sudden Water Puddles

If you found a random water puddle in your home, you're probably very confused unless the source is clear. If it's not, this usually means that your home has suffered water damage from a broken pipe. If you're not experienced in plumbing or water restoration, it's smart to call someone like SERVPRO ASAP.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can cause a tremendous amount of water damage. If you're in an area that is known for a lot of rain, storms, or flooding - you probably are aware of how much damage this can cause to your home. Although there are limited ways to prepare for a storm, you should always know to call professionals right away after you've noticed any kind of water damage.

Why SERVPRO is Your Best Bet

SERVPRO Team Harvey are residential and commercial restoration and cleaning experts. Whether you're experiencing water damage or you had a fire in your department store and now you need the soot cleaned, we are here to help you! Rest assured, we provide additional services outside of water and fire damage. We also take care of mold remediation, storm damage, and a series of different cleaning services.

Getting on top of water damage before it causes further damage is crucial. When a water emergency occurs, reaching out to an experienced restoration company should be your first step. We will respond quickly so you don't have to deal with damaged materials, structural damage, or mold issues.

About SERVPRO Team Harvey

SERVPRO of Hoboken/Union City is proudly owned by Lance and Jennifer Harvey - a husband and wife duo that owns three other SERVPRO locations, including SERVPRO of Lower Manhattan, SERVPRO of West Somerset County, and SERVPRO of Aberdeen/Holmdel.

We understand the stress and worry that comes with a fire or water damage and the disruption it causes your home or business. Our goal is to help minimize the interruption to your life and quickly make it “like it never even happened.”

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