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Spring Cleaning

We take care of our vehicles here, every week we give them a nice scrub down so they look brand new coming to you. Pictured here is what we call a "Box Truck"! 

Packed Up!

These items are ready to be sent back to their rightful owners! SERVPRO of Hoboken/Union City knows just how to take care of your items so you get them back in mint condition. 

Packed Up!

We know how much your items mean to you. That's why we treat them as if they're our own and make sure everything is wrapped carefully and delicately to preserve the condition. 

Cleaned Up, Looks New

This is the base of an appliance after we cleaned it down and restored it to a better state. You may not guess but before we cleaned it this base was actually black with mold spurs and spider eggs. 

Drywall No Longer Dry? We'll cut it!

Water damage caused us to cut out these walls in the picture shown here. We have to make sure we remove all affected areas so mold is not created and spread. 

We Make Sure Your Walls are Dry

We know the drying process is a tedious one. We make sure every single job is completely dried and reading as dry on our moisture meters to assure quality performance. 

Mold Remediation

Here we see underneath the staircase of one of our customers. As you can see there is a level of mold and rust that has produced over the years. Our team went in and cut through the drywall to expose the mold and isolate it. 

Mold Remediation

Here we have one of our crew members actively applying a SERVPRO product to alleviate the mold issue that was present in the household. This process is very important so we make sure all of our crew is properly trained for more efficiency. 

Water Damage Cleanup

Here we have the same room from the previous picture. As you can see all the water has been removed from the bedroom floors. Our crew went in with air movers to successfully dry up all the standing water.

Water Damage

Here we have a classic situation due to excess standing water. As you can see from looking at the picture the flood is flooded. This is before our crew went in with air movers.

Commercial Mold Remediation

In this picture you see here we have the aftermath of our team working on a commercial job. Our team went and removed the drywall to get to the mold hidden in the walls. 

Storm Damage Cleanup

Pictured here is the pile of debris in one of our customer's home after a storm passed through and left its mark. Our crew bagged the debris and sanitized the remaining area. 

Water Damage Removal After Storm

Here we have the in-progress work of our team on the job. There was a serious abundance of water that needed to be removed. Our team installed hoses to suck out all the standing water as you can see here.

House Post Fire Clean Up

Our crew went into the basement and encapsulated the inside. Once this was done we completed the rest of our clean up. The client was very happy with the service provided.  

Fire Damage to Beams

Pictured here is the beams to a basement foundation that were exposed to a fire. Our crew went in and cleaned the beams and took steps in preventing further damage to the beams. 

On the Job

Here we have one of our crew members, Maribel, getting ready to strip the walls of the wallpaper so she can cut through to where the mold is. This was for a local business. 

On the Job

Here you can see one of our vans in the middle of a job. This job particularly was one that had severe sewer and water damage after a pipe bust post storm. 

Storm Damage Cleanup

This picture here shows how our crew bagged up all of the debris that was in the previous picture. All the garbage is now contained and prevented further harm to the environment.

Storm Damage Cleanup

This picture shows the level of debris a storm left after it passed though. Here at SERVPRO of Hoboken/Union City and Lower Manhattan we take joy in helping the community so we aided in the cleanup post storm. 

Mold on Floor Contained

This picture shows the section of mold on the floor that we previously posted about. As you can see the section of the floor has been torn up and replaced.

Mold Underneath Floor

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This picture shows the mold one of our customers faced under one of the floor ties. Mold can be tricky because it always tends to sneak up on you until you notice there's a problem.


Mold Removed From Door Frame

This is the aftermath of our crew going into the job to provide our mold remediation services. We removed all the surrounding dry wall along the door frame to prevent future mold growth. 

Mold on Door Frame

As you can see when looking at this picture there was a severe case of mold growth. The mold was reproducing all along the door frame. This type of mold needs to be eliminated immediately. 

Flooding in Office

Pictured here is a flooding job prior to our services. You can see when looking at the picture just how severe the damage was. This type of flooding damage needed to be handled as soon as possible or it would have led to much greater issues.

Mold/Water Removed

Pictured here is the state of the floor after our crew here at SERVPRO of Hoboken/Union City and SERVPRO of Lower Manhattan went in and removed all the mold and water from the scene.

Mold on floor

This picture indicates the condition of a residence after there was serve water damage. You can see from the picture here that the water caused a case of mold on the floor.

Kitchen Fire After

This is the state of the kitchen after our crew here at SERVPRO of Hoboken/Union City and SERVPRO of Lower Manhattan provided our services. You can see there is no longer a brown rustic color to the appliances. Now a shiny silver color coats the appliances.

Kitchen Fire Before

This is what the kitchen of a local high school looked like before our services. You can see everything looks like it has a brown rustic color to it post fire.

Let's Weather This Storm Together!

It's no secret that storms are the root of many evils like damage to your property etc. We want to help you weather any storm and remember that SERVPRO is #heretohelp. 

Jose Guzman

Here you can see one of our crew chiefs showing off his “guns” as he calls them. Jose uses the morning equipment load as his morning workout. Thank you Jose for all your hard work!



Here is a picture of some of the cars we have here at SERVPRO of Lower Manhattan and SERVPRO of Hoboken/Union City. We love the unity that this photo represents. We are a team force willing to help with any of your restoration needs! We’re #heretohelp.


House Fire After

This photo indicates the level of expertise our crew has when it comes to work put in. As you can see all the debris from the initial damage is no longer there. The owner was thrilled with the work we provided.

House Fire Before

This picture indicates the level of damage the fire left on this home. You can see the entire foundation has been flamed to a dark black. The fire left a great deal of debris.

Commercial Flooding

Unfortunately many local businesses and homes feel the wrath of storms once they're gone. Pictured here is one of our crew members mopping up the scene of a flood.

Commercial Garbage Cleanup

Before this picture was taking there was a significant amount of debris all over the pictured area. Our crew bagged all the garbage and disposed of it properly. The owner was very happy with the results. 

Commercial Ceiling Repair

You would never know it looking at this picture but this ceiling was stained brown due to water damage. This picture is after our team went in and worked on it.

Commercial Water Damage

A local business owner experienced a flood after a storm.This was the result of our work after our team cleaned up the damage of the flood. The owner was thankful they did not lose business because of how timely we fixed the problem. 


Here are our dedicated and hardworking crew members who take on every job with the goal of achieving customer satisfaction. We greatly appreciate everything they do and could not ask for a better team!

The SERVPRO of Hoboken/Union City Youth Soccer Team

Look at the big smiles from our little ones. How adorable! We wish our SERVPRO of Hoboken/Union City Youth Soccer Team the best and thank them for all the support.

Trade Shows

This is our lovely Lisa at the trade show representing SERVPRO of Hoboken/Union City. We can always count on her to shine at these events and show everyone that we can get the job done “Like it never even happened!”.

Amongst the greatest!

“I’ve got you under my skin. I’ve got you deep in the heart of me.” – Frank Sinatra. We are proud to help our customers from our many locations including Hoboken/Union City.

L. Calvo Fund

Proud sponsors of the L. Calvo Scholarship Fund ( The L. Calvo Scholarship Fund helps hard-working students to continue to be motivated and to achieve their goals each and every day, despite difficult personal circumstances. We were very pleased to be a part of this event.