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Understanding Manufacturing Plant Cleanliness

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

Manufacturing plant cleanliness is extremely important. A work environment that is covered in oil stains and grease or littered work tools increases the chances of accidents, fires and injuries.  Below are some recommended best practices for those that work in or operate manufacturing facilities.

You Want to Lower Environmental Allergens

Employees don’t want to be exposed to allergens, but this will happen in a work area where dust is allowed to accumulate on the vents. This will lead to higher cases of sneezing and coughing among the workers and if mold starts to spreads things will become worse, as they will develop various respiratory symptoms that can inhibit their ability to do their job.

You Want a Healthy Environment

If your employees are operating in a manufacturing facility that is not frequently cleaned, they may be exposed to bacteria, mold, pathogens and even contagious illness. If multiple workers suddenly become sick simultaneously and are unable to do their jobs, this slams the productivity of your organization not to mention worker’s compensation claims. And if you are found to be violation of state health codes, your plant may be shut down completely.

How fast does sickness spread? Research found that norovirus which was placed on one surface had spread to forty to sixty percent of the people working in the surrounding area in less than two hours. Most manufacturing plants have a cafeteria, and if the kitchens and serving rooms aren’t kept meticulously clean they might harbor food residue which can breed bacteria which in turn can cause foodborne ailments. The food must be properly stored, cooked and served and all utensils, tables and equipment must be sterilized.

Merchandise Quality

The cleanliness and organization of your manufacturing facility will influence of the quality of your finished merchandise. Products which are exposed to dirt, grime or smudges will be unattractive to potential customers and if you’re assembling electronic equipment it may be contaminated in a manner which will compromise its operation or reduce its lifespan. Customers that purchase your product and discover the manufacturing defects may file lawsuits which will damage company finances not to mention your reputation.

Less Maintenance

Manufacturing plants are full of critical machinery which is used to assemble or fabricate finished goods. If this environment isn’t properly cleaned on a frequent basis, the machines may be exposed to spills or leaks which can cause corrosion and rust. The machines will begin to perform poorly over time and may eventually malfunction completely, leading to extremely high replacement or repair costs.

Those who keep their factories clean will require less maintenance which will save them money while minimizing downtime so they can continue assembling and building merchandise at an effective rate. Furthermore, clients, vendors and potential investors who visit the premises will be impressed by the presentation which will increase the likelihood of them wanting to do business with you.

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