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What Are The Consequences Of Ignoring Your Roof After Storm Damage?

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

Your roof can sustain serious storm damage due to hail, and those that delay inspecting it and performing the needed repairs may suffer the following consequences, which will drive up their eventual repair costs.

Warm Air Will Escape

When shingles are no longer present on your roof because of a storm, then warm air will be able to escape through the ceiling. This means that the interior will feel drafty and you’ll need to use additional heat to keep yourself warm which in turn will increase your power bill.

Roof Leaks

Roof shingles contain granules which serve as a form of protection. If they disappear, the roof’s surface will be completely exposed to elements such as moisture, snow and rain. Water will begin leaking into the property, and you might not notice it immediately, but by the time you do, it can cause serious issues such as water damage to the walls and ceiling and electrical issues if it comes into contact with appliances.


This is an organism which thrives indoors and outdoors. While in nature it forms a key part of the local ecosystem, when it appears indoors mold will cause all sorts of problem. A roof that has been damaged due to a storm will begin leaking at some point, and when this water gets into places that are damp and dark this will foster mold growth.

Compromised Structural Integrity

If months or years pass without repairing the damage, and water continues to leak into the roof due to rain and melting snow, the development and growth of mold may begin to compromise the roof’s structural integrity. This is extremely dangerous because in serious cases it may lead to a roof collapse.

What Should You Do When Your Roof Has Sustained Damage?

Ignoring the problem is not recommended. The quicker you respond the fewer problems you’ll face and the costs will be lower. While no one wants to spend money repairing a damaged roof, the consequences of not doing so will be severe.

You’ll want to speak with a professional contractor as soon as possible and schedule an appointment where they can come take a look at your roof to determine the amount of damage it has sustained. Depending on the results of our assessment, you may need to speak with your insurance carrier to issue a claim and then use the funds to get the roof fixed.

These simple steps will get your roof repaired cost effectively while preventing additional damage. Remember that the longer you delay in getting the issue resolved, the greater the damage will be when you’re finally forced to.

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