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Are You Employing The Right Fire Safety Measures For Hotels?

9/15/2021 (Permalink)

Owning and running a hotel comes with its own set of challenges for both the owner and staff. One of the most important aspects of safety that needs to be considered includes implementing the right fire safety measures for hotels to help avoid costly damage.

Fire Safety Measures for Hotels

According to data shared by the U.S. Fire Administration, approximately 4,000 fires take place at hotels and motels each year which result in at least $100 million worth of property damage. A certain percentage of hotel owners assumes that their fire safety measures are up to industry standards but in actual fact, some steps are often overlooked. Below are some fire safety considerations that hotel owners can review.

Holding Regular Fire Drills and Testing Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are possibly the most important element to hotel safety in the event of a fire. Once an alarm sounds, hotel occupants are immediately aware of the situation and can make their way out of the property quickly. Unfortunately, most hotels do not have their fire alarms adequately checked and tested from time to time. This is the reason why it is critical to conduct regular fire alarm tests.

During a fire alarm test, its control panels need to be set to test mode to avoid notifying emergency services. Once this has been done, press the fire alarm button to test the system. Test results need to be recorded for future reference. For faulty alarms, have them replaced immediately to prevent problems in the event of a fire.

Regular fire drills are also important to prepare staff members on the correct evacuation procedures and for the management to highlight any areas that need to be improved.

Keep Fire Extinguishers Close

All hotels need to be equipped with fire extinguishers rated class A, B, and C which can extinguish small fires involving paper, wood, gas, and oil. Fire extinguishers need to be placed within 75 feet from a hotel property but guestrooms are not required to be equipped with any as there are already several placed in the hallway. Fire extinguishers also need to be check regularly to ensure they are at the proper gauge or weight limit.


Hallways, rooms, and common areas need to be free of clutter to ensure fire safety can be maintained at all times. It just takes a small flame to turn cluttered spaces into an uncontrollable fire. Things like boxes, equipment, or trash need to be moved and stored at appropriate places to allow occupants to move quickly in the event of a fire.

Regular Inspections

Hotels need to have their fire alarms, lights, fire extinguishers, and sprinklers inspected at least once a year. If these are neglected, they may cause costly fire damage. Professionally inspecting these items can ensure that any problems can be addressed at an early stage to prevent bigger issues.

Commercial Fire Damage Insurance

Fire damage can be costly and hotels without commercial fire damage insurance can be slapped with hefty damage costs. Ensure that your hotel has sufficient coverage in the event of a fire.

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