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Water Damage: What Can Cause Burst Pipes?

6/29/2021 (Permalink)

What's one of the things that can change your home from a warm and cozy domicile to a nightmare in a heartbeat? Answer: Burst pipes. Damages resulting from the water flowing out of these pipes can potentially cause a wide array of issues. They can range from something as threatening as thriving mildew and mold to serious problems with a building's foundation, weakened walls, etc. What's more, for unsafe organisms like bacteria, a breeding ground can be created by the accumulation of water.

What's important here is that, upon discovery of the problem, the extent of damage must be determined quickly. The problem of burst pipes and flowing water must immediately be addressed. Following pipe repair/replacement, the affected area must be restored/repaired.

But what causes burst pipes? Why does the plumbing your business or home depends on every day sometimes fail? Let's take a look.

Clogging Causes Pressure

An enormous amount of pressure can be put on a pipe when it is obstructed due to something trapped within it – namely, a clog. The pipe will start expanding as the pressure buildup persists, and it may burst. Particularly if you don't do regular checks on your home's entire water system and/or sewer line, at any moment, bursts can occur.

Using Pipes That Are Low-Quality

Ordinarily, normal pressure passing through pipes should be easily endured no matter what the environment, provided it’s a reasonable amount. Due to "practicality", however, sometimes homeowners choose poorly designed plumbing. This lower quality piping, especially if not regularly checked, is going to be much more expensive down the line! So much for saving money. Now not only do you have to get the plumbing replaced, you will likely need water restoration services due to damage occurred as a result of flooding or leaking.

For pipe installations, consult a plumbing professional as to the best and most appropriate materials for fixtures and plumbing. Remember that pipe fittings and pipes are crucial when it comes to water quality, carbon footprint, durability, and cost. Every material has cons and pros. Without a professional assessment, you could end up putting the wrong kind of plumbing in your business or home.

Temperature Drops

If you are from the upper Midwest or Northeast, you are likely familiar with the headaches caused by burst pipes – affecting businesses, homes, and roads. When those temperatures drop (freezing and below), one of the common problems experienced in apartments, commercial buildings, homes, streets, and more is that of bursting pipes.

Not only does ice forming in plumbing create a clog, and thereby pressure, the expansion that takes place when ice forms is enough to burst some pipes. This is particularly the case where older, deteriorating plumbing is present.

Burst Pipes? Contact SERVPRO Of Hoboken/Union City

Has your residence or commercial building experienced burst pipes? If so, you've got a real mess on your hands! The right equipment, technology, and expertise is going to be required in order to get the water damaged area back to its former beauty and/or functionality. We, at SERVPRO, understand that time is money, where business is concerned. If it's a residence, the sooner a family gets back into their home sweet home, the better.

With emergency service, trained experts, professional equipment, and more, we're ready to be of assistance.

Because time is of the essence, do not hesitate one more minute to contact us!

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