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What You Need To Know About Restaurant Fire Safety

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

The equipment and activities found in restaurants pose a high risk of fire accidents. Electrical connections, paper products, hot equipment, cooking oils, open flames, and cleaning chemicals make restaurants highly susceptible to fire. If adequate care is not taken, a fire accident can easily result in consequences, such as the destruction of property, injuries, and loss of revenue. If you are running a restaurant, this article outlines what you need to know about restaurant fire safety.

Fire Protection Equipment and Systems

To fully protect a restaurant in the event of a fire, there needs to be a comprehensive installation of fire protection equipment and systems. This includes:

  • Automatic fire suppression system – The majority of fires that happen in restaurants are caused by cooking equipment. With this installation, chemicals will be released automatically to suppress the fire before it spreads. Furthermore, gas or electricity supply to the cooking equipment will be cut when the system is in activation.
  • Portable fire extinguishers – Class K fire extinguishers are the most suitable for kitchens as they can extinguish fires that are caused by oils, grease, and fats. At the same time, fire extinguishers of classes A, B, and C should also be in place as there could be fires that result from electrical faults, wood, plastic, and paper. The locations where these fire extinguishers are placed should be planned strategically.
  • Fire sprinkler system – This system can control the heat release rate of the fire and prevent fire spread.
  • Wet chemical installations – This will help to suppress fires that result from deep fryers, which are very high in temperature. Fire blankets should be used in conjunction.
  • Automated fire alarm system – Having a fire alarm system can alert customers and employees that there is a fire, and they should evacuate. In addition, it can also seek help from emergency services.

Impose a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that all the fire protection equipment and systems are working like they are supposed to. Check that the fire extinguishers have not reached their expiration date.

Emergency Lights and Exit Signs

In the event of a fire, emergency lights and exit signs can help guide employees and customers towards safety. Place exit signs above exit doors and have emergency lights where employees and customers usually gather. These should be checked monthly to ensure that they are always in working condition.

Professional Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

Fire damage can be highly destructive to the business of a restaurant. If your restaurant has unfortunately suffered from fire damage, fret not as SERVPRO is able to help you restore the restaurant to pre-fire condition. As fire damage repair specialists, we have the expertise and experience to perform thorough restoration for your property. Contact us today to let us know how we can help you.

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